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I’m SJ, a dating expert, soon to be author, dating coach, your love/relationship and online romance person. 

I help people like you get the most out of your dating adventures.

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Explore real life dates & experiences told straight from the heart.

I decided to write, learn and experience everything about dating, online romance and love after finding myself unexpectedly single at 44-years-old. With two young kids, I was also then a single mum. At this point, I’ve been single for 20 years of my life (on and off) and have dated a lot of different guys on many different apps. I can now pass this wealth of knowledge on to you.

I bring you all the crazy terminology, experiences and situations you might want to know about before, on, or during your own over forty dating journey. And the best thing? They’re all from (my) real-life, told straight from the heart.

Coming soon

The illustrated A-Z book about dating at over 40


Everything you need to know about dating in one handy place. It’s an easy read or great gift for that newly single, gorgeously over 40 friend of yours.

I help prepare you for the weird and occasionally wonderful world of dating in your forties. Flick A-Z to real stories about One Night Stands (ONS) or Midnight Messaging (why you really shouldn’t message men on apps after midnight) and Vagina Brain (which makes you forget everything except your crazy libido downstairs). It’s all in there.*




*Small warning that it does go into what went down (or rather up!), with some sexual content in stories.




Life is too short for boring dates so here’s how to avoid them

Life is too short for boring dates. This has always been a motto of mine, and the more dates I go on, the more I stand by it. Life at over forty is busy, there are kids, exes, school, shopping, cleaning, and even my house to get clean and right. So here’s some quick ways to banish ‘boring date’ from your vocab.

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How many different guys you'll meet in your 40s

The A-Z guide on staying sane on the dating apps over forty

It can be hard to meet single folk, which gives dating apps the advantage when it comes to meeting people you want to date or have a fling with. But you can spend hours and hours on said apps without really getting anywhere. Here’s the truth about dating apps and how they may be designed to actually keep you single.

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Up your dating at over 40 success

Whatever you’re looking for, from relationship to FWB, to new sexual experiences or flings. I have a completely personalised five-session coaching programme on offer, designed to look at how you’re dating and how to get the success and love you deserve (whatever that may be for you). 

Avoid the common mistakes I made. | Get more focus on what kind of person you want or perhaps should want. | In this programme (around session three) I will actually look at your dating profile, and use my years of branding experience give you confidence and ways to push yourself into the top percentage of datable women on apps and out there. *

*spoiler alert, it all starts though with loving yourself and knowing exactly what you want in your relationships.


coming soon


coming soon

As terms and what happens on dating apps are explored by you, my lovely readers, I’ll investigate popular topics and musings with other interesting experts. Watch this space.


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