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If dating can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, never fear. There was a global lockdown on at the time I broke up from my ten-year partner, the father of my two young children. This made any dating really hard (cold, wet walk in the park anyone?). Yet still I went for it, dived right in, and dated the emotionally unavailable to the spiritually awakened, single dads to polyamorous lovers, visited sex clubs, kissed a girl, and had a crazy sexual awakening. I can now pass on everything I learned to you. Feel free to get in touch via the bottom of the page to see how I can help you on your dating adventures or even if there’s a topic you want me to cover off for you next.

My brief dating at over 40 story

I have already experienced all the things you’ll need to know about and am ready to share them both here and on my social channels; from tall stories about One Night Stands (ONS) to Midnight Messaging (why you shouldn’t message men from your bed, especially after midnight) and that loud Vagina Brain (that makes you forget everything sensible because of your crazy libido shouting from your downstairs). Dating at any age can be daunting, but let me tell you over 40 it is totally different to any other decade that I have dated in and I love sharing all the reasons why that is.

In my other life, I’m a professional writer too

I also run a small business writing a variety of digital love stories for large international brands. I mainly help these businesses reach their different audiences, or launch themselves into the world effectively. I hold a degree in communications, and a masters in creative advertising. I’m fully trained in advertising, campaign work, and branding.

And I’m working on getting my first book about my dating adventures and no-holds-barred experiences of online dating at over 40 published. Watch this space.

I live and work from the beautifully scenic and ‘free-love’ city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands which I absolutely love.






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